The Laboratory

I call this section The Laboratory because this is where all the experimenting will be done.

While in the Tutorials section you can find "plain" stuff, here you will find all kinds of things: mostly things i cook up to see if it works.

The links at the bottom of this column are divided in main areas where you can find the goodies.

You should be aware that most of the experiments are not cross browser tested. This means that older versions likely will not support the stuff that's portrait here.

You'll notice the pages that contain the experiments, will always have a menu which, if necessary, gives you the option to go to similar stuff. For instance, the page that contains an experimental navigation menu, will have a link to another kind of experimental menu and so on.

Oh, before i forget: where i have picked up an idea along the way that i use to experiment with, i will of course give due credit to whomever needs it :-).

So relax, sit back and enjoy the ride! And don't hesitate to contact me if something isn't clear or my explaining is wrong.

picture of a lake with sunrise

Some more scribbles for you to look at.

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People who have been good enough to me that I would call them friends.

You can get your W3C stuff at the W3C site

The W3C Logo

It's has all the specifications you need, some tutorials and also validation tools. If you get into CSS you'll be needing this link !

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